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Landlords and Tenants Guide for Renting

Landlords and Tenants Guide for Renting A person who rents out a home or property to other people is known as landlord. Whereas a person who occupies a house or property rented out by landlord is known as tenant. Most people live on rents and you will find many buy to let landlords who rent out…

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Naya Pakistan Housing Program: How to Apply

Naya Pakistan Housing Program Complete Detail, Guidance & Information: First time in history of Pakistan PTI included affordable housing in its election manifesto. PTI won the General Elections 2018 and the reason of nationwide popular vote was the promise to develop 5 Million Affordable Home for poor people. Today Prime Minister Imran Khan has given…

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6 Tips for Vetting a Real Estate Agent

6 Tips for Vetting a Real Estate Agent You might need to buy or rent a home at some stage in your life. It’s always better to hire the services of a real estate agent. The professional estate agents are expert in their field and can help you in finding the right home. But before…

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Home Buying Checklist

Home Buying Checklist Buying a home is the biggest investment of lifetime with great benefits so everyone needs to make it right. The home buying process is hectic but some people get homes at good deals that save them a lot of money. At the same time many people fail to secure top deals because…

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Real Estate Guide for Beginners

Real Estate Guide for Beginners A property which consists of land or any building is known as real estate, whereas the business of buying, selling or renting properties is known as real estate business. Agricultural, commercial, industrial and residential are the four types of real estate. The real estate investment is very profitable as eight…

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