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Easy Tips to Deal with Property Mafia

Easy Tips to Deal with Property Mafia

Most cases in Pakistani courts are related to properties as land mafia was very strong. It was the fruit of maintaining the old PATWARI system. Thanks to the recent efforts of the government to computerize the land record. But still property frauds and land grabbing is very common is Pakistan because property mafia is very strong. Many people have lost their hard earned life savings due to the property scams. In this blog we will discuss the Easy Tips to Deal with Property Mafia.

4 Major Crimes of Property Mafia:
Property grabbing

The first crime of Property mafia is the land grabbing. You might have heard about the occupation of empty plots. Another method used by land mafia is to hire a property on rent. Then they make fake documents of the property and use power to frighten the property owners. The case ends in court and land grabbers use the delaying tactics. The case lingers on for years and meanwhile land grabbers sell the property to some other party.

Illegal construction

You might have seen the ads of many new real estate projects. All projects are not scam but some are. Property mafia starts building projects without proper planning permission. Even in some cases they build projects on government land. They sell the illegal projects and when the government gets the air it just seal the housing schemes and real estate projects. The buyers lose their investments as they can’t get possession of the properties they have paid for. So another crime of land mafia is to sell the illegal projects.

Selling same property to many buyers

In some cases property mafia builds the project with proper planning permission but uses another method to loot the buyers. The developers sell single property to different buyers. For example there are 200 properties in a project and developers will sell these properties to 1000 buyers to get high profits. The end result is that the buyers of same properties take the matter to the court. Many such developers have fled abroad to avoid the court cases. But buyers suffer as they can’t easily get back their money.

Illegalities in auctions

The fourth crime of property mafia is that they do irregularities during auctions. Property mafia bribes the auction team and forces other bidders to keep the bids low. So property mafia hijacks the auction in advance. This way property mafia buys very cheap properties. This method is used for both government and private properties. In countries like Pakistan this is the best way to grab government property by paying the friction of the actual market price.

4 Easy Tips to Deal with Property Mafia
Get complete information before buying or investing

The first step to deal with the land mafia is to invest in properties after great research. The buyers should firstly get the complete information of the project. Secondly buyers should visit the site to see the development work. Thirdly buyers have to confirm the legal status of the project from the local development authority. So buyers should only invest when the project is legal and approved from the development authority.

Use media to raise your voice

This is the age of social media. Many crimes have been controlled due to the social media campaigns. In case the property mafia grabs your property or you hear about property scam then immediately start social media campaigns. So that the voice reaches the court and NAB. The government will immediately take the notice of the crime and property mafia group will be arrested. This way you can secure yourself and others.

Register your complaint with the police

Thirdly when you find that your property is illegally occupied by the property mafia then register a complaint with the local police station. The people who have invested in fraud real estate projects should do the same. This will help the police to file a case against the property grabbers or developers. Once the complaint is registered, the government officials will start the investigation process. NAB has recently sealed many illegal housing schemes. This has saved the life savings of many people in Pakistan.

File a case

Fourthly when you find that property mafia has occupied your property then you don’t need to panic. This is the time to start the legal battle. Just hire a real estate lawyer who is expert in dealing the property scams. The lawyer will put your case against the property mafia. This will help in two ways. Firstly you will get back your property. Secondly court will order NAB to investigate the property scams.

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  1. muhammad azeem uddin

    on   said 

    Dear zahid Ali/ malik anwar sb

    sir their are many times i am reading the upcoming news about recession and financial crises.
    what would think about impact real estate prices in pakistan.

    • Muhammad Azeem Uddin
      I will only point out towards the last recession of 2008; the credit crunch a global event.
      You might remember that by 2009 property prices were 60% low from peak of 2005. This is because due to recession interest rate increased and Pakistan and people moved the money from reality sector to banks. The capital flight was the main reason of the prices collapse.
      Same is true now. Interest rates are increasing but property investment is decreasing.

      The only good project in Lahore was AL-KABIR TOWN PHASE 2 offer 3 & 5 Marla residential plots. Plots were selling at own of 2.5 LAC. Now plots are selling at 1.5 LAC minus. This 4 LAC fluctuation is due to the announcement of NAYA PAKISTAN HOUSING PROGRAM in Lahore from 1 January 2018.
      You can understand where Pakistan Property Market is heading.


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