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6 Costly Home Selling Mistakes to Avoid

6 Costly Home Selling Mistakes to Avoid

Selling a home is very different from buying a home. People get excited when they buy homes whereas during selling they just focus on the profits. But everyone is not lucky enough to sell home at a profit. This is because seller makes many mistakes that cost a lot of money. This blog points out the top 6 costly home selling mistakes to avoid.

Selling in the wrong market

Many home sellers have no information about the market situation which cost them a lot of money. Selling home in the wrong market is one of the deadly mistakes. Never ever try to sell a home in buyer’s market as property stock in more and buyers are less due to which homes sell at low prices. Wait for the seller’s market to sell your home at a good profit.

Asking unrealistic price

Many homes stay longer in the market as compared to the average selling time. This is because these homes are priced unrealistically. Buyers know the home price trends of local areas. When buyers find that home is priced too high they just move to the next home. Yes there is a 5-10% bargain margin but asking the unrealistic price is a deadly mistake.

Not preparing home for sale

Selling a home is a complete process that takes lot of effort and time. But many sellers want to sell homes quickly at any cost which is a bad move. As a seller you should prepare your home for the sale. Always improve the structural issues and finishes of the home before selling. This is important as no one will buy a home which is not in good condition.

Choosing the wrong estate agent

Selecting the wrong realtor is another deadly mistake. As a home seller you should know the different types of real estate agents. Some deal in commercial properties while others prefer to handle the residential transactions. To sell a home you should hire the estate agents who are expert in selling the residential properties. This is because they can easily find the buyers for your home due to many years of experience.

Not advertising home on real estate portals

The modern world is known as global village because of the fast communications. Now people buy and sell things online. If you are not advertising your home on internet then you are losing the chance to sell your home quickly. Just advertise your home on the top real estate websites as most buyers visit these sites before buying homes.

Using bad photos to sell home online

Using the lousy pictures of your home for selling is the biggest mistakes you should avoid. Buyers find these pictures unattractive and move to other homes. Taking the clear and attractive photos of your home is very important. Ideally you should hire the services of a professional photographer to take high resolution pictures. Making the video of your home interiors and exteriors is a plus point.

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