January 2019

Simple Steps to Damp Proof Homes

SIMPLE STEPS TO DAMP PROOF HOMES: Damp is one of the biggest threats to homes. Damp not only damages the structure and finishes but also decreases the home selling price. As no one wants to buy a home with the…

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Pros and Cons of Seafront Living

PROS AND CONS OF SEAFRONT LIVING: Beaches are the amazing places where people travel to spend weekends or holidays. But some people are so fascinated by the water that they buy waterfront homes. Indeed beach front living has many perks…

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Pakistan Real Estate Forecast 2019

Pakistan Real Estate Forecast 2019 | Market Analysis Future Trends The year 2018 was like a nightmare for Pakistan Real Estate Sector. Property market was in constant decline due to the new property laws, political instability and economic meltdown. The…

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