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Pros and Cons of Seafront Living


Beaches are the amazing places where people travel to spend weekends or holidays. But some people are so fascinated by the water that they buy waterfront homes. Indeed beach front living has many perks and owning a seaside home is a status symbol. But you should never ignore the downsides. If you are planning to buy a home by the sea, then just read these pros and cons of seafront living.

Stunning sea views

The first benefit of a coastal home is that you will get the beautiful surrounding views. From your waterfront home you will get the romantic views of blue water, ships, sunrise, sunset, woods and hills. The breathtaking views as far as your eyes can see will be a marvelous experience. These scenic views will greatly improve your mood.

Living around nature

The second benefit is that you can live around the nature. Breeze is pure and refreshing as coastal areas have pollution free environment. You can take sunbath on deck of your home or beach. Sunbath will improve your skin. Another perk is to eat the healthy sea food. Living by nature is advised by the doctors as it improves the health and increases life expectancy.

Great recreational activities

The third benefit is the countless seaside activities. You can enjoy swimming, bathing, sailing, fishing, beach sports and walk on the sand. If your seafront home is surrounded by woods and hills, then a walking tour will be very refreshing. Many coastal residents love to jog on the beach. All these activities are good time pass with great health benefits.

Improvement in social standing

The fourth benefit is the rise of status and social standing. When you live in coastal areas you befriend many people. Your neighbors will be the rich and famous people either the celebrities or successful businessmen. Befriending the elite class is great to develop business relationships. This will greatly help in the success of your own business and career advancement.

High maintenance cost

The first downside of Oceanfront homes is that the maintenance cost is very high. The coastal air is humid which causes damage to home exterior and furniture. The life of building materials is short in coastal areas. You have to use the expensive stainless steel structures to control the rusting. Normal iron frames will need the regular maintenance. It is necessary otherwise the value of your coastal home will decline.

Danger of natural disasters

The second downside is the threat of natural disasters. Coastal areas are prone to high speed winds, floods and coastal erosion. Water level is increasing due to the global warming that causes the coastal erosion which is dangerous for homes. The recent hurricanes in US have shattered the thousands of coastal homes. According to the experts ten million homes will be destroyed by the coastal floods in twenty first century.

Privacy is compromised

The third downside of beach front living is that your privacy will be compromised. The coastal areas are always packed with the tourists. Either you want to go to shopping centers or restaurants, all places will be busy. Due to the huge influx of tourist you can’t move freely. Therefore the tourists from different regions will disturb your privacy.

Expensive insurance

The fourth downside of water front living is that home insurances are very expensive. Many banks and insurance companies don’t insure the beach front homes due to the high risk of natural disasters. The few companies that insure the seaside homes have very expensive insurance packages. The high insurance cost will increases the home maintenance costs.

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