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Pros and Cons of Living in Hillside Homes


People love to live in homes built on slopes. Some buy hillside homes as a permanent residence whereas others for vocations. If you are planning to buy a home on a slope, then it is the right to consider the advantages and disadvantages. This will help you in taking the right home buying decision. This blog describes the pros and cons of living in hillside homes.

Healthy atmosphere

The first advantage of homes built on slopes is that the atmosphere is very healthy. If we observe our cities, air & noise pollution is very high. Due to high pollution level people get sick as many have lung, heart and skin diseases. Whereas hilly areas are free from the air and noise pollution. Due to the pure atmosphere, even doctors recommend to spend some time in hills.

Excellent view

The second advantage of a hillside home is that it offers the stunning panoramic views. People living on slopes get the excellent views of the hills and greenery. Our cities are becoming the concrete jungles due to the fast commercialization. Surrounding views are either poor or blocked. But on the other hand hillside homes are famous for the scenic views.

More space with design flexibility

The third advantage is the availability of the space and design flexibility. Hilly areas have lot of space. You can easily build backyard, terrace, store and extra parking space according to your requirements. On the other hand hills have five to ten feet high slopes. Most architects prefer to design homes in steps according to the slopes. This gives the unique living experience as you get many views from different levels.

Peaceful living

The fourth advantage of hillside homes is that there is no outside interference. Due to the low population people can experience the peaceful living. Homes built on hillsides are separated by trees that naturally provide the privacy. This peaceful living is even hard to imagine in cities. This is why most people prefer to live in hillside homes.

Land sliding

The first disadvantage of a home on slope is that there is always the danger of land sliding. The main causes of land sliding are mining, tree cutting, rainfall and earthquakes. Land sliding occurs suddenly and sometimes a large portion of the hill falls due to it. You might have noticed the houses which have been destroyed by the land sliding. Another issue is that most insurance companies don’t cover the houses damaged by land sliding.

Water runoff

The second issue is to drain the water in hillside homes. Naturally water moves down the slopes and destroys everything in its path. During rainy seasons water accumulates in homes that are built on slopes. The water damages the home structure and furniture. It is very hard to pump out the water from basement or different rooms.

Remote shopping facilities

The third disadvantage is that basic life facilities are not available in hilly areas. You will hardly see any major brand on hillside areas. Most brands don’t open their branches in hilly areas as the sale volume is low. People living in hillside homes spend a lot of time to travel for shopping as most market are in the urban areas. This is why most hillside dwellers shop on weekly basis.

Low resale value

The fourth disadvantage is the low resale price of hillside homes. This is due to the two factors. Firstly hillside homes have low demand as most people prefer to live in cities. Secondly hillside homes are not a necessity but a luxury. As hillside homes attract very few buyers, therefore the selling price is lower than the purchasing cost.

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