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7 Benefits of Rooftop Gardening

7 Benefits of Rooftop Gardening

Top 7 Benefits of Rooftop Gardening | Advantages of Green Roofs

Modern cities have limited land due to the fast urbanization. Buying a home with a front or back garden is just a dream. But there is an alternate as you can install a rooftop garden to grow flowers, plants and small trees. If you haven’t yet decided to install a rooftop garden then learn about the many advantages of green roofs. Just keep reading this blog as it describes the top 7 benefits of rooftop gardening.

Benefit #1: Urban Farming

The recent hurricanes in United States have shown the vulnerability of modern cities that depend on other areas for food supply. New York City faced the food shortage as it gets food supply from 400 miles away. These events have increased the importance of urban farming to make the cities food sufficient. Rooftop gardens are best to grow own food. There are many modified fruit and vegetable plants that can be grown in small pots.

Benefit #2: Temperature Control

Rooftop gardens are excellent in controlling the temperature. A roof garden serves as the insulation layer and protects home from direct sun heat. This keeps the inner temperature low. Another factor to note is that rooftop gardens absorb the heat and pollution which are the major causes of high temperature. Therefore rooftop gardens are important to fight the global warming.

Benefit #3: Better Use of Rain Water

You can see the water shortage worldwide. Due to the global warming and rising population, limited water resources are vanishing fast. On the other hand rainstorm water goes waste that causes the floods. Rooftop gardens are best to use rainstorm water. According to the researches approximately 70% of rain water is absorbed by the roof gardens.

Benefit #4: Better Air Quality

Major urban centers have high pollution level due to high usage of vehicles. Cars emit carbon dioxide which pollutes the air. To control the air pollution it’s better to increase the greenery in cities as plants and trees absorb carbon dioxide but release oxygen. The decline of carbon dioxide and rise of oxygen results in purifying the air. Therefore rooftop gardens are a must to improve the air quality.

Benefit #5: Low Energy Bills

Homeowners pay high energy bills for heating and cooling. Rooftop gardens are the best solution to lower the energy bills. Rooftop garden serves as the insulation layer that prevents the direct sun heat to enter home in summer. At the same time rooftop gardens prevent the heat loss from homes during winters. Therefore rooftop gardens are good to control the energy costs.

Benefit #6: Healthy Atmosphere

In cities many people die due to heart and lung diseases which are caused by high pollution level. Rooftop gardens help in cleaning the air quality. Naturally plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. This makes the atmosphere very healthy. Therefore rooftop gardens have positive impact on general public health.

Benefit #7: Family Gathering Place

Urban life is very hectic and boring due to the fast lifestyle. Family members spend very less time together. But maintaining a rooftop garden is not only a hobby but it also brings the family members closer. It is noted that people living in homes with green roofs spend more time together. Therefore green roofs are also best for family get-together.

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