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Building versus Buying a Home

Building versus Buying a Home

Some people prefer to buy homes whereas others like to build. The choice of building or buying a home solely depends on the individual circumstances. If you are planning to own a home but are confused about which direction to go, then you should consider the advantages of both building and buying a home. Here is the building versus buying a home comparison.

Design Control

The first advantage of building a home is that you can design your home according to your requirements. Most people hire architects to design their homes. Architects design homes according to the requirements of clients. You can add additional features like rooftop garden, store, extra bathroom or parking space.

Quality Control

The second advantage is the quality of construction. When people buy a home built by a builder, they mostly complain about the low construction quality. But when you build your own home you can supervise the construction work. This way you can easily control the construction quality by selecting the top builder and good quality materials.

Sustainable Construction

The third benefit is that you can build an eco-friendly home. Sustainable homes have many perks. Firstly green homes are the right way to use our limited resources by selecting the recyclable materials. Secondly eco-friendly homes can save lot of money on energy bills as sustainable homes are energy efficient. Thirdly sustainable homes are environment friendly.

No Renovation Costs

The fourth advantage is the low maintenance costs. Most home buyers spend a lot of money on home up-gradation which always increases the purchasing cost. These costs are also known as hidden costs. But building a home has no hidden or renovation costs for a decade or even longer. This is because everything is new from structure to finishing.

A Quick Process

The first advantage of buying a home is that it saves a lot of time and effort. Finding a home is much quicker process as compared to building a home; that takes on average eight months. Home buying process can be even made faster if you search homes online and also hire the local estate agents.

Very Cost Effective

The second advantage is that you can buy a home even when you don’t have the full payment. People who build own homes have to pay the land and construction costs. But buyers can buy homes with mortgages that are very cost effective. They just pay the small deposit money and rest of the amount is paid in monthly installments.

Can Shift Immediately

The third advantage is that buyers can immediately shift to their homes. When people construct homes they cannot shift immediately as it takes time to build a home. But as a buyer you can shift to your home the very next day you get the keys. Instant home moving facility is only available to the buyers.

Perk of Flipping

The fourth advantage is the facility to flip homes for profits. Homes are flipped for gains in two ways. Firstly people buy homes from the needy owners who sell at low price as compared to the market value. Secondly people buy homes that sell at low price because they need small up-gradations. The home sells at a profit after the renovations.


From the above discussion it is clear that both home building and home buying have many benefits. So you can select anyone to own a home. But it is important to carefully select the option that suits your requirements and circumstances. Never forget to consider your budget while building or buying a home.

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