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Painting Home like a Pro

Painting Home like a Pro

Paint is one of the top finishes that are used for home decoration. Painting is a must for upgrading or up-selling a home as it increases the curb appeal. Paint also protects homes from inclement weather and wear & tear. You can hire the service of a professional painter to paint your home, but don’t miss the perk of painting it yourself. You simply need to learn the home painting process. Here are the top 6 easy steps to painting home like a pro.

Step #1: Planning

The first step is to make a plan to paint your home. You need to consider firstly the budget as it will affect the finishing quality. Good quality paints are bit expensive but more durable. Secondly note the areas you want to paint. Thirdly check the weather condition as homes are painted in sunny days for better result. Fourthly plan a color scheme for your home interiors and exteriors. It’s better to use lighter color tones as they make the space feel brighter and spacious.

Step#2: Purchasing

The second step is to buy the paints and painting equipment. The checklist includes the brushes, covering sheets, drop cloths, ladder, paints, primer, rollers, sprayers and tape. While buying the painting materials you need to consider two things; quality and quantity. Firstly, never compromise on the quality as it will impact the end results. Secondly, buy the right quantity by telling the salesman about your home size.

Step #3: Preparing

The third step is the preparation of the surfaces you want to paint. Thoroughly inspect the surfaces to know the condition. If surfaces are broken or cracked then plastering is preferred. But if the surfaces are only uneven then you need to prime them. Now is the time to clean the surfaces. First remove the thick molds. Then start cleaning the surfaces with a brush or by using the pressure washer. Make sure that no space is left unclean as it will impact the finishing quality.

Step#4: Protecting

The fourth step is to cover the items you don’t want to paint or will paint at the end. Start by protecting the doors, windows and lights. Then cover the furniture, wardrobes and other items. Many people make deadly mistake as they cover the items with cloth sheets. This is wrong as cloth sheets absorb the paints. Always use the plastic sheeting to protect the items from paints. Plastic sheets are nonabsorbent and have high work-ability.

Step #5: Painting

The fifth step is to start the paint work. As a rule of thumb start painting from outdoor to indoor and from top to bottom. Therefore paint your home exteriors first and then the interiors. You need the multiple paint courts to achieve the top quality. But always remember that paints need time to dry so you should repaint a surface after some time. When you have painted walls and ceilings, uncover the doors & window for painting.

Step #6: Finishing and Cleaning

The sixth step is to check the surfaces you have painted. The inspection has two advantages. Firstly, you can see the quality of the work. Secondly, you can add the final touch where it is required. After adding the Midas touch, just start the cleaning work. Clean the brushes, rollers and other equipment first. Then start cleaning the floors with dusting cloths. But if stains are stubborn then use the kerosene oil. Now your home is ready with a beautiful new look.

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