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Pros and Cons of Homes with Basements

Pros and Cons of Homes with Basements

In old times home basements were used to store the goods. But in modern age basements are becoming an integral part of house plan due to the rising property prices and shrinking lot sizes. Most people build extra bedrooms in the basements. On the other hand many people have swimming pool, gym, store or office in basements. If you are in the planning process to build a basement then you should get some basic information. This blog describes the pros and cons of homes with basements.

ADVANTAGES of Building Basements in Homes:
Extra space for different uses

The first advantage of a basement is that it provides the extra space for different purposes. Basements can be used as a family gathering space, a storage area, an entertainment place or an extra bedroom. Most people design basements as party areas. This is because noise can be easily controlled in the basements. People who love swimming also prefer to build swimming pools in the basements.

Best way to build a home on slopes

The second advantage of a basement design is that it’s better for the hilly areas. Hillside areas have natural contours of 5-10 feet wide and 5-10 feet deep. The construction is difficult in hill areas as either you have to fill or dig the land to cover the contours. So best solution to build a home on hills is to design the basement that will naturally utilizes the depth of the contours and it will also make the foundations very strong.

More privacy

The third advantage of a basement is that it offers more privacy as compared to the rooms or spaces located on ground or first floors. This is because firstly traffic to the basement is always low. Secondly basements have fewer windows as compared to the upper floors. This is why most people prefer family rooms or master bedrooms in the basements as there is very low interference from outside.

Value of home increases

The fourth advantage of a basement is that it always increases the value of a home. Firstly, a home sells at higher rate because of extra space in form of basement. Secondly a home with basement can generate the monthly income, as any of the floors can be rented out. This extra money can be used to pay the mortgage or utility bills.

DISADVANTAGES of Building Basements in Homes:
Quite expensive

The first disadvantage of a basement is the high construction cost. This is because concrete is used to build basements. Concrete walls and flooring protect the basement from water penetration. The construction cost of concrete wall is more than the brick masonry wall. You also need to dig extra for a basement. Therefore basements are not recommended for budget home constructions.

No ample natural light or ventilation

The second disadvantage of basements is that they are mostly without the natural light or ventilation. This is because of the limited space. Especially in small homes it is impossible to provide the natural light or ventilation in the basement. Both natural light and ventilation are a must to kill the germs that cause smell and diseases. Without the proper ventilation, basements always remain unhygienic.

Problems during rainy season

Water enters the basements when floor or walls have cracks. Most experts discourage the construction of basements in flood areas as it is very difficult to pump out the water. Water in the basement damages the structures and furniture. To save your basement from the water make sure the floor and walls are waterproof. The proper drainage system also prevents the water from entering the basement.

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