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Tips for Container Gardening

6 Expert Tips for Container Gardening


Home gardening has many benefits. Firstly it’s a great hobby. Secondly it improves the curb appeal. Thirdly you can grow flowers, fruits and vegetables of your choice. The traditional gardens can be seen in large size homes that are maintained by the gardeners. It does not matter if you are living in a small home as you can still grow a container garden on balcony, terrace or rooftop. Here are the 6 expert tips for container gardening.

Tip #1: Learn abort gardening

Get the basic information before starting to plant a container garden as it’s always helpful to know the gardening process. Firstly learn about the types of plants which can be grown in containers. Never ignore the modified fruit and vegetable plants. Secondly get some information about the seasons and methods to grow different seeds & plants.

Tip #2: Plan a strategy

The next step is to plan your gardening strategy. For planning you need to consider four things. Firstly select the place to grow your container garden. Ideally the place should be of good size with lot of natural light. Secondly make a layout plan of your garden with seating area. Thirdly make the list of the plants you want to grow. Fourthly arrange for garden lights and irrigation system to water plants.

Tip #3: Arrange gardening accessories

For a container garden you need hand weedier, small shovel, watering can, pots, containers, fertilizers, soil, seeds and plants. To grow the plants you don’t need the expensive pots. You can buy simple earth & terracotta pots. Another idea is to reuse empty plastic bottles. You just need to make sure that pots have proper drainage for water. If you don’t have the gardening accessories at home, then buy it from some reputed garden supplier.

Tip #4: Start planting the garden

Now is the time to prepare container garden. Firstly select the seeds & plants of the flowers, fruits and vegetables you want to grow. Secondly fill the pots or containers with soil. Thirdly make soil fertile by mixing the fertilizers. Fourthly sow the seeds and install the plants in the containers. Fifthly cover the seeds and plants roots with soil. Finally water the seeds and plants. Now you container garden is ready.

Tip #5: Placement of containers

The next step is to rightly place the containers. Some plants need strong sun light whereas others just need shades. There are many plants that need both sun and shade. Therefore placement of every pot is of great importance as it will help in maintaining the plants. To increase the curb appeal of your home, you can place the pots in kitchen widow or near to the main door.

Tip #6: Maintenance

Once you have grown a container garden, it’s not the job done as you have to regularly maintain it. Watering and pruning is regularly required for healthy plants. You need to give lot of water to plants but never wet the leaves as this makes the pants sick. Pruning of overgrown leaves or branches brings the plant to good size and also increases the air circulation which is good for plants.

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