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Home Maintenance Checklist

Home Maintenance Checklist a Step by Step Guide


It’s the desire of everyone to own and live in a beautiful home. But you should know that owning a home is not just for living as it’s also the best investment of your life. Therefore it is very important to keep home in good condition as it enhances the value. As a home owner you should learn about maintaining your home. Here is the home maintenance checklist a step by step guide.

Step #1: Inspect your home

The first thing to do before starting the home improvement work is to assess the home condition. You should thoroughly inspect the structure, sanitary pipes, electric wiring, bathrooms, kitchen and finishing. Just note all the areas that need repairs. Home inspection will also help you in knowing the maintenance cost as it should not proceed your budget.

Step #2: Improve the structure

Perhaps structural renovation is the most important task while maintaining a home. This is because no one buys a home that has structural issues. Structure can be improved in three stages. Firstly repair the walls if you see any bulk or cracks. Secondly improve the beams & lintels above doors and windows. In third stage repair the roof.

Step #3: Make home damp proof

Dampness is the sign of decaying structure. This is one of the major issues you should immediately solve. Normally damp patches appear due to the penetration of water from foundations, roof and external walls. Inspect your home to find the cause of damp. Once you have identified the problems, just take the right measures to solve the issues.

Step #4: Improve electrical system

When people visit homes for buying, they always check the electrical systems. Therefore your home electrical system should be perfect. For upgrading home electrical system, you should thoroughly inspect the wiring by switching on the lights and other equipment. Also check the performance of sockets and short circuits. Just repair the broken wiring and replace the faulty sockets & switches.

Step #5: Improve plumbing system

For improving plumbing system, you should check the water pipes and sewerage. Firstly fix the clogged pipes and drains. Secondly solve the water running issue. Thirdly if pipes are leaking then check the joints. Water leakage due to broken joints is a major issue so replace the joints. Fourthly check the rain storm water drainage pipes to make sure pipes are not blocked.

Step #6: Maintenance of bathrooms

Beautiful bathrooms increase the value of a home. Ideally your bathrooms should be spacious with the latest fixtures and finishes. To maintain the bathroom, fix the leakage of bathtub, shower, toilet and washbasin. Replace the broken tiles to avoid the slipping hazards. Make sure that your bathrooms have natural light and ventilation. Regularly clean the bathrooms for the aesthetics and hygiene.

Step #7: Maintenance of kitchen

Most people prefer to buy homes that have the modern kitchens. Therefore the maintenance of kitchen is very important. Ideally your kitchen layout should be such that it increases the work-ability. Replace the old wardrobes and tiles in your kitchen. Make sure that electronic items are working properly. Regularly clean the kitchen to make it insect free.

Step #8: Improve the finishes

The next step is to improve the interior and exterior finishes. Firstly replace the old false ceiling. Secondly replace the broken tiles or marble pieces in flooring. Thirdly improve the home exteriors. If your home has brick facing or stone cladding then improve it by replacing the broken bricks and stones. Fourthly paint the interiors and exteriors of your home.

Step #9: Maintain the garden

Beautiful garden increases the curb appeal. It’s easy to plant a garden but hard to maintain it. You should regularly maintain the garden to keep it in good shape and condition. Water the plants on regular basis. Maintain the plants by cutting the overgrown leaves. Place the flower plots in kitchen and main entrance to increase the curb appeal.

Step #10: Make home eco-friendly

Sustainable homes are very energy efficient and environment friendly. To make your home energy efficient just use the energy saver lights and equipment. Proper insulation of your home will reduce the cooling and heating costs. Install solar panels for green energy that have zero carbon emission. It will make your home eco-friendly.

Home Maintenance Checklist

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