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Moving Home in 6 Easy Steps

Moving Home in 6 Easy Steps

Most people shift homes for moving to new homes or other cities. Shifting a home is not an easy task as you have to carefully carry your stuff to another place. For many people moving homes is very hectic and even scary. Home shifting process can be made easy if you learn about it and plan your move carefully. Here is the guide to moving home in 6 easy steps.

Plan a strategy

The first thing you need for shifting is to make a strategy. This is important as moving to a nearby place is easy as compared to other cities. If you are moving in the same city then search for the shortest route from old address Y to new address Z. You should call your friends to help you in packing. Just select the right transportation for moving if you have no vehicle of your own. Another important thing is to take the day off work for moving.

Change the address and shift utilities

For moving to a new home, you need to change the address. It is important as you will need to get the mails and bills of internet, mobile and TV cable at your new address. Another thing is to cancel the current utilities in old home and reinstate in new one. To do this you have to call the utility companies. Also call your bank, cable, internet and mobile service providers to deliver the bills at new address.

Sort out the stuff

Your next move is the sorting of the stuff. There are three categories of the stuff you need to sort out. Firstly sort out the stuff you need to throw away. Put the useless stuff in the bags and just dispose off. Secondly sort out the stuff you need to donate to the charities. Pack the donation items and send to the charities. Thirdly sort out the stuff you want to move to your new home.

Buy the boxes

Now is the time to pack all stuff your need to shift. For packing you need the cardboard boxes. Selecting the right boxes in very important otherwise your belongings will be damaged. In most cases people keep the original packing or boxes in their stores. If you have the packing stuff then use it otherwise buy from the moving suppliers. Buy the boxes according to the sizes of the items.

Pack the stuff

After arranging the boxes, you should start packing the items. Ideally you should prepare the list while packing to make sure that nothing is left out. Also write the number on each box to know the stuff you have packed in. Just close and seal the boxes properly. Never pack your stuff in a hurry as it will be damaged during moving. It’s important to cover the delicate items before packing. Always prefer to pack electronic items in original packing for safety.

Move the stuff to your new home

You next move is to transfer the stuff to your new home. If you are transporting the stuff in the same city then load the stuff in a truck and travel with it. But if you are transporting the stuff to another city then make sure that everything has been loaded as you cannot visit your old home again. When you have reached your new home just carefully unload the stuff. Carefully review the checklist to make sure that nothing is leftover.

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