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Things to consider before home alterations or additions

Things to consider before home alterations or additions

Things to consider before home alterations or additions

Many people buy old homes that need alterations or additions. Some need to change the layout of the older homes according to the modern designs whereas others want to add some rooms or a complete storey as per their requirements. If you are planning the home alterations or additions then you should keep reading. This blog describes the things to consider before home alterations or additions.


The first thing to consider for home alteration or addition is the budget consideration. Ideally you should get the cost estimation from an expert. This will give you the complete idea of the budget required for your home alterations or additions. It is also important to note that finances impact the quality of the work especially finishes.


Different areas have different bylaws. Sometimes there are restrictions on the numbers of storey or height of structure. You should consult the local development authority to know about the local bylaws. Once you know the building codes and local bylaws, you can start the alteration or addition of your home with the peace of mind.


The next step is to find the strength of the structure. For this you need to hire the services of a structure engineer. Finding the strength of home structure is important for two reasons. Firstly for home alterations especially if you want to remove the walls. Secondly for home additions especially if you are building a new storey.

Alteration Plan

Once you know the strength of the home structure, it’s time to proceed to the alteration or addition plans. You can prepare the plans yourself but it is better to hire an architect. They are expert in their field and can help you in a better way to design home alterations or a new storey. Hiring an architect is also important as they can supervise the construction work.

Construction Type

There are two ways to complete the home alteration or addition work. Firstly you can hire a contractor on labor rate. In this case you will provide the materials and money whereas contractor will bring in his team to complete the work. Secondly you can hire a contractor on turnkey basis. In this case you will only provide the money whereas contractor will buy the materials and bring in his team to complete the work.


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