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Benefits of Living in a Mega city

5 Benefits of Living in a Mega city

5 Benefits of Living in a Mega city

A city with population of more than 10 million is known as a mega city. The numbers of mega-cities are increasing in 21st century. This is due to the population shift from rural areas to the cities. People prefer to live in cities as they offer many benefits over living in rural areas. If you are thinking of shifting to a mega city then keep on reading. This blog describes the top 5 benefits of living in a mega city.

More Job Opportunities

People are always willing to relocate for work. Cities offer more job opportunities as compare to the rural areas. Most offices and headquarters of the companies are located in mega cities. The companies prefer to establish their offices in mega cites because of the availability of the educated and skilled employees. So the first benefit of living in a mega-city is that it provides more job opportunities.

Convenience of Public Transport

Mega cities have high volume of traffic. To counter it, government provides better public transportation facilities in form of buses and trains. People living in cities mostly use public transport for travelling. But people living in rural areas don’t have access to the public transportation and travel with own vehicles. So the second benefit of living in a mega-city is the convenience of public transport.

Top Schools and Hospitals

Most people prefer to buy homes near to the schools and hospitals as they have school going kids and elderly people. Homes located near to the top schools and hospitals are expensive due to high demands. Mega-cities offer best educational and medical facilities as compared to the towns or villages. So the third benefit of living in a mega-city is the availability of top schools and hospitals.

More Recreational Facilities

Access to recreational facilities is one of the top considerations while buying or renting a home. People love to buy homes in areas that have easy access to parks, shopping centers, restaurants, cinemas and theaters. This is why that home located near to commercial centers and parks have high demand. If you are planning to move to a mega-city then be assured that you will get access to countless recreational facilities just at a walking distance.

High Security and Peaceful Living

Homes located in areas with high security are always expensive. This is because people are always willing to spend extra money for living in the secure localities. Mega-cities have better law and order situation as compared to the rural areas. At the same time, life in cities is more peaceful as there is no interference from others. So the fifth advantage of living in a mega-city is that it has high security and peaceful living.


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