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Financial Aspects to Consider Before Buying a Home

Financial Aspects to Consider Before Buying a Home

Financial Aspects to Consider Before Buying a Home

Buying a home is the biggest financial decision of the life that has long term consequences. Therefore everyone wants to make the right move. Buying a home not only saves the monthly rent but the property price also appreciates with the time. At the same time many people make the wrong moves and face the difficulties because they never consider their finances. Here are the top financial aspects to consider before buying a home.

Market Condition

First thing to consider for buying a home is the real estate market condition. There are two types of markets; buyer’s market and seller’s market. A buyer’s market is one where properties are more than the buyers and vice versa. As a buyer you should always buy property in buyer’s market due to many options and affordable prices. Another benefit is that property price will also appreciate with the time.

Income Stability

Some people buy home with cash whereas other through a mortgage but before buying a home it’s important to thoroughly check the income stability. Only people who have the running businesses or secure jobs should buy the homes. Those buying home with cash should make sure that they have no other financial obligations. And people buying homes on mortgages should know that failure to pay the mortgages will results in foreclosures.

Down Payment

As discussed above, most people prefer to buy homes through mortgages. To secure a mortgage usually 20% down payment is required. You should make sure you have the deposit amount otherwise you should first save the money before applying for a mortgage. You can save deposit money by living in a shared accommodation. Additionally you can cut your spending on luxury items and expensive holidays.

Fluctuation of Interest Rate

People buying homes through mortgages should know about the impact of interest rate changes. When central banks decrease interest rates then mortgage payment also decreases. But when banks increase interest rates then mortgage payment also increases. It has been noticed that sudden increase in interest rate results in foreclosures as many people fail to pay the mortgages on time.

Additional Cost

Buying a home has many hidden costs in form of renovation costs, utility bills and council taxes. Most people buy old homes for living as prices are mostly affordable. But old homes also need the repairs as finishes and fixtures are old. At the same time there are annual property taxes and monthly utility bills. So before buying a home you should also consider the additional costs of buying a home.

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