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Top 5 Home Renovation Mistakes

Top 5 Home Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

Top 5 Home Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

Home is renovated to restore the structure and improve the finishing. Renovation not only makes a home fit for use but it also increases the home value. During renovation many people also change the layout plan or construct a new room. Renovation of a home is very beneficial but sometimes people make the mistakes that cost them a lot. If you want to renovate your home then read these top 5 home renovation mistakes to avoid.

Not preparing a budget

The most common mistake while renovating a home is not to prepare a budget. Many people run out of money and have to stop the work midway. They face troubles as they either can’t shift to the home or no one will be willing to buy an unfinished home. To prepare the budget for home renovation you should make the list of the works to be done. Then hire a professional surveyor to find the exact renovation cost.

Starting work without approval

While renovation many people want to add a room in their home or a complete storey. They start the work but can’t complete it due to the violation of society bylaws. Even sometimes they have to destroy the structures that are not built according to bylaws. If you are planning to construct a room, bath, store or a complete storey then you should hire an architect who will get the planning approval from society and will also prepare the drawings for home renovation.

Not hiring a professional builder

A home can be renovated by hiring the labor on daily wages, hiring a contractor on labor rate or hiring a contractor on turnkey basis. Most people prefer to renovate homes by hiring contractors on labor rates while they provide the construction materials. But hiring an experienced contractor is very important. You should interview the contractor and make sure that he has all professional teams for different works.

Shortage of raw material

Like the quality, quantity of construction materials is also very importance. Many people have to stop the work due to the shortage of the raw materials and sometimes it gets worst when same materials are not available in the market. So miscalculating raw materials is the worst mistake while renovating a home. Therefore you should hire the services of a professional surveyor to know the exact quantity of raw materials.

Buying finishing without market research

Many people buy finishing for their homes without market research. They just go to one or two stores and buy finishing materials. This cost them a lot of money as finishes have a lot of variety and price variation. Different stores sell the same finishing materials at different rates. Therefore you should thoroughly visit the market before buying the finishing materials for your home as it will save a lot of money.

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