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Pakistan Property was generally considered as the best performing asset class due to quick gains. But things have changed now as real estate prices are in decline since 2016. The realty sector has lost its shine. This blog describes the main factors for Property Prices Crash in Pakistan.

Economic Downturn

70% economy of Pakistan was black economy, but now government has zero tolerance for black money. Everyone has to be filer and show the source of income. Therefore Pakistani economy is in decline due to the readjustment. At the same time Pakistani currency has devalued against the mighty dollar. Property price has direct relation with the economy. Economic decline results in decreasing the buying power so property prices also decrease and vice versa. Economic Downturn is the first major reason of the property prices crash in Pakistan.

High Interest Rate

Interest rate has direct impact on property prices. The rise in interest rate decreases the property prices whereas decline in interest rate increases the property prices. This is because when interest rate increases banks give more profits on fixed deposits. So people sell properties and deposit money in banks to earn high profits. But when interest rate decreases people start buying properties which increases the demand and prices also increase. Currently interest rate is record high in Pakistan so people are selling properties to earn high profits from banks. Therefore second reason of Property Prices Crash in Pakistan is the high interest rate.

New Property Tax Laws

Pakistan Budget 2019-20 was the game changer for real estate sector due to property tax amendments. Firstly people have to be filers to buy properties. Secondly seller has to hold constructed property for 4 years and plot for 8 years to avoid higher Capital Gain Tax. Thirdly FBR has increased property valuation rates up to 85% of the market value due to which volume of transactions has decreased. Investors have lost interest in realty sector due to new property tax amendments. The low investment has decreased the property prices. Therefore third major reason of property prices crash in Pakistan is new property tax laws.

Benami Assets Confiscation

Realty sector was the safe haven to park the black money in Pakistan. People hoarded ill-gotten wealth through Benami Assets. But government has introduced the laws to confiscate the Benami Assets. FBR has zero tolerance policy for black money and Benami Assets. As no one can hide the ill-gotten wealth so real estate investments have decreased. The low property demand has lead to property prices decline. Therefore fourth reason of property prices crash in Pakistan is the Benami Assets Confiscation.

Property Transactions

Real estate transactions are record low now. Once there were 180-200 daily file transfers only in DHA Lahore but now the number has decreased to just less than 10. This clearly shows that property market has not only crashed but investors have also lost interest.

Estate Agents

Property transactions are the bread and butter of estate agents. Many estate agents have closed their agencies as they are unable to pay the rents. Many agents who turned to be investors have sustained huge losses. Now many realtors are turning to other businesses.


Sellers are in worst position especially those who bought properties at peak prices. They are desperate to sell properties even at loss. But it is hard to find serious buyer with white money in the market. Now properties are staying longer in the market before exchanging hands.


Buyers are on the driving seat as there are more properties than the buyers. They know that property prices have crashed in Pakistan. Buyers are in no hurry and are waiting for the prices to bottom out. They are also in touch with the market and are offering very low bids to get big discounts.


Property prices have already declined by 40% since 2016. But estate agents believe that biggest price crash has just started as they forecast another 40-50% property price crash. As per the current circumstances property prices in Pakistan will crash by 70% from peak of 2016. This is not a new trend as Dubai Property Prices have crashed by 75% since 2008. Property prices will bottom out within a year.


Pakistan real estate sector has changed forever. Firstly it is impossible to park black money in realty sector so speculation will end. Secondly property will be only for living or commercial uses rather than the day trading as was the routine in old days. Thirdly abnormal property prices will be history as future price gains will be gradual. Fourthly middle class people will be able to own homes in Pakistan.

Impact of Benami Assets Confiscation on Real Estate Market


  1. Excellent and honest analysis of real state in Pakistan.
    Please write a blog on bahria town peshawar which is launching in January 2020.

    • Amjad
      Bahria Town Peshawar is all speculation. Although there is demand of good housing scheme in Peshawar. But due to high speculation and low income for dealers all have bet on Bahria Town Peshawar.
      Therefore prices will rise initially but with the time we will see price fall when end users will come forward.
      Bahria Town Peshawar will be good only for living. Whereas investors will benefit if they sell files within a month.

  2. Nazish Fatima

    on said  

    Dear sir
    I am from Karachi and I am getcin touch with few real estate agents. I am looking good price to buy home as well plot. But I did not able to get in my range.
    However I am surprised to know that if any one is buying 400 sqyard plot then he need at least 2.5 crore.
    I would like to know how people will justify the SOURCE OF INCOME. Because very few have from white money and bank is asking a lot of questions when anyone wants to make pay order.
    I further ask from you that how people are making way to do payment and still I am seeing plot pieces not coming down

    • Nazish Fatima
      Dealers are just asking the unrealistic prices.
      Otherwise market has crashed.
      In DHA files of 30 LAC are selling at 20 LAC.
      This is because of the SOURCE OF INCOME. Very few people have white money so market has crashed.

  3. Dear Mr. Anwar,
    The way the property prices are going down in Pakistan, I think the market value will be lower than the FBR value at some point. If this would be the case which is highly likely then FBR will also reduce the prices ?

  4. Jahanzeb

    on said  

    Dear Anwar bro,
    I m following ur comments from last couple of years and u were among very few people who said market will continue to decline untill prices bottom out. To me u did an absolute analysis for high prices property.
    My question, where do u see when this property market will stablize and which areas are still save places to invest in property. Do u recommend investment in real estate?


    • Jahanzeb
      Property market has totally collapsed in Pakistan.
      Even small or cheap properties have seen correction.
      But still Plots up to 40 LAC and houses under 1 CRORE will see less price correction.
      Now only those people should invest who have holding power like 4/5 years.
      Property prices of 2016 will revive by 2025/2026.

    • Jased
      The most affordable phase of DHA Lahore is Phase 7.
      1 Kanal / 500 SQ YARDS Plots sold for 152 LAC in 2016 are now at 115 LAC.
      File prices in Phase 9 DHA Lahore deceasing day by day.
      No buyer in the market.

  5. Anwar,
    LDA City, Lahore balloting is expected on 30-Nov how you see the impact of current situation on balloted plots. Will there be any increase in prices as people are expecting?

  6. M ANWAR

    on said  

    dear sir, in actual, prices are high in market as u see in isb.
    can u support ur updates along with ur some data area wise.
    hope u will reply.

    • M ANWAR
      DHA Lahore Commercial Broadway Phase 8 just opposite to Lahore Airport.
      8 Marla / 200 SQ YARDS Commercial Plot was selling at 12 Crore in 2016.
      Now same plot is available for 6 Crore and no buyer.
      Market has already crashed especially the high end luxury real estate market.

  7. Muhammad azeem uddin

    on said  

    Dear Anwar sb,
    Kindly share us what is the clauses from FATF , regarding real estate sector ?
    Your analysis is right but regarding price their nothing lowest.
    Regarding real estate agents: they are very optimistic market will drive again like 2016, and lat three months I saw market increase more 20% , as I think few strange hands pushing it,
    But mostly not think it is business and like waves, up and down natural.
    If we say about economy it is lowest in the asian region even war involved country Afghanistan.
    Would pakistan economy will drive growth from 2.4% , I am sorry to say that during last 16 years we are busy to playing PLOT , plot.
    And our competitors are busy to develop Industries.
    Now they have lot of product to export and we are busy to sit tea shop and waiting increase plot price.
    Would plot price increase again and when : yes plot price will again increase double or tripled if their is arrange any LOAN. And it would more than 25 Billion.
    But after that what will happen : the RICH WILL MORE RICHER AND POOR WILL BE MORE POORER.
    Because we can not pay back the loan

    • Muhammad Azeem Uddin
      Property prices have crashed in Karachi.
      DHA Karachi is the real victim.
      500 SQ YARDS Plot price in DHA PHASE 7/8 was 5 Crore.
      No buyer even at 2 crore.
      Is it not the market crash?

  8. Zahid Ali

    on said  

    Seller who are still demanding equivalent to 2016 peak prices, they have to wait for atleast four or more years to get their demand. But on the other hand, it is very difficult for buyer to buy a property equivalent to 50% to 60% of 2016 peak price in all areas of Pakistan. So, it is battle of nerves.
    Now the question is, when the price will be bottomed out?
    How long that bottomed out price will stay?
    When the bottomed out price will start increasing again gradually?
    The above three question are very important for those persons who want to buy their first and last property of the life.
    Everybody should get in touch with blogs/experts to have the right idea of time line.
    One more thing is that, in US and Canada, there are lot of rumours that the great recession is knocking the door. Governments uptill now are able to defer the recession. But the later the recession the greater it would be. That recession will also have an impact of property prices in north America but will it also have an impact in property price of Pakistan. This is also a question.

    • Zahid Ali
      Pakistan, India, UAE and Europe is almost into recession.
      US Economy is even not performing good.
      Pakistan property prices crashed in last global recession of 2008.
      Bottoming out of property prices is a long process that might take few months to many years.
      But one thing is clear that year 2020 will be the worst year for Pakistan Real estate Sector.

  9. Saba Hussain

    on said  

    Thanks for updating about property market situation in Pakistan.
    Pakistan Property Prices Crash in 2019.
    I think 2020 will be even worst for real estate sector.


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