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Green Homes in Pakistan

Sustainable Eco-friendly Green Homes in Pakistan A home that is environment friendly and sustainable is called as green home. The main concept of green home design is to have minimum impact or damage to the natural environment by emitting zero CO2.…

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Property is best hedge against inflation

Property is best hedge against inflation Inflation Inflation can be termed as the increase in price. Inflation is caused by the money printing. Inflation increases the money supply but value of currency decreases. Inflation is also known as indirect tax…

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Commercial Real Estate Property

Commercial Real Estate Property A property which is used for business purposes is known as commercial property or commercial real estate. Commercial property includes restaurants, hotels, malls, shopping centers, office buildings, industries, etc. Commercial real estate property is generally more…

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Developing Pakistan as a welfare state

Developing Pakistan as a welfare state A state that looks after its citizens is called as welfare state. Welfare state provides the basic facilities of food, shelter, medicine and education through benefits system. Lets discuss in detail about developing Pakistan…

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Economic Condition and Property Sector

Economic condition and property sector Economic condition can be referred to the state of economy of any region, city or nation. Economic condition is subject to constant changes due to business or economic cycles. Economic condition changes due to the…

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