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Home renting tips

Home renting tips Renting is the best option for the people who have not yet decided to buy their own homes or are frequently moving to different cities as their job requires. Renting a suitable property is of prime concern.…

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Avoiding property scams

Avoiding property scams Whenever you buy or rent a property, you have to consider the location, size and price. But another factor most people miss is the property frauds. Nowadays property scams are common due to advancement in technology. Sometimes…

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How Much House Can You Afford?

How Much House Can You Afford? Home affordability calculations Houses are highly unaffordable in Pakistan. First reason of abnormal property prices in Pakistan is the fast rise of inflation than wages. Second reason is the shortage of housing as we…

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Home buying tips

Home buying tips Buying a suitable home according to one’s requirements and budget is the real task. Let’s discuss the home buying tips. Requirements For buying a suitable home, you should first consider your requirements. Some people need flats, whereas…

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Barki Road Lahore Farmhouses

Barki Road Lahore Farmhouses Lahore Ring Road has forever changed the development pattern of Lahore City. Once Lahore was expanding in all directions, but now Lahore is expanding around Lahore Ring Road. Moreover, main or prime city is within Lahore…

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