People sell homes at some stage in their lives. But every home is not sold at a profit. This is because of the poor condition of home that needs updating. Home improvement is necessary for better living and good resale value. Here are the top 10 tips to increase home value.

Planning the improvements

Prepare the list of all improvements you need to make. Another important consideration is the budget as it will greatly impact the quality of renovation.

Improve the structure

The structure should be very sound as no one buys a home which is in bad condition. To improve the structure just repair beams, lintels and cracks in walls.

Solve electrical issues

Firstly check the wiring and repair the broken wires. Secondly check the wall switches and sockets. Finally replace the electrical items which are not working properly.

Solve plumbing problems

Blockage and leakage of gas & water pipes are common home issues. Thoroughly check the gas and water pipes. Replace the broken pipes and joints.

Update Kitchen & bathrooms

Buyers always check the quality of kitchens and bathrooms. Fixtures and tiles of bathrooms should be replaced, whereas you need to upgrade the sink, flooring and cabinets in kitchens.

Replace doors & windows

Old homes have the outdated doors and windows. Replace the old windows with new aluminum double glazed windows. You should select the latest designs while replacing the old doors.

Change old flooring

Flooring is the top finishing which has huge impact on home value. If your home has old flooring then it’s better to replace it. If you are not replacing the floor, then replace the broken tiles.

Paint exteriors & interiors

The next step is to paint the exteriors and interiors of your home. You can select similar or contrast colors as per your choice. But keep in mind that light color tones make the rooms spacious.

Improve the landscape

Landscape improves the curb appeal. Therefore maintain your garden by trimming the plants and shrubs. Planting a rooftop garden is also a nice idea.

Make your home energy-efficient

Just make your home eco-friendly to decrease the energy bills. You should install the solar panels and energy efficient lights. Insulating your home will also do the magic.

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