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Selecting house or plot in a housing scheme

Selecting house or plot in a housing scheme Most Pakistanis prefer to live in housing schemes. This trend is due to privacy, security concerns and various facilities that are provided in the housing schemes. Some people prefer to buy plots to build own homes, while others like to buy houses. But the selection of a…

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Economic Condition and Property Sector

Economic condition and property sector Economic condition can be referred to the state of economy of any region, city or nation. Economic condition is subject to constant changes due to business or economic cycles. Economic condition changes due to the contraction and expansion of economy of the nation. Booming economy creates more employment opportunities due…

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Buying a home with good resale value

Buying a home with good resale value While you may be just looking for a place to live, buying a home is truly an investment. You not only want to think about your present needs, but also think to the future and what a home’s potential resale value may be. The time to think about…

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Residential Real Estate Property

Residential Real Estate Property A property which is used for living purpose or as dwelling is known as residential property. Residential property includes farmhouses, independent houses, villas, apartments, flats and condos. Residential real estate property is normally more expensive than agricultural property and less expensive than commercial or industrial property. Where to buy or rent…

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Interest rate and property sector

Interest rate and property sector Interest rate is the amount charged as a percentage on the principal amount / loan. Interest rate is charged on annual basis for the specific duration of loan. Interest rate is set by central banks and different countries have different interest rates. Developed countries have low interest rates, whereas developing…

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