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Building versus Buying a Home

Building versus Buying a Home Some people prefer to buy homes whereas others like to build. The choice of building or buying a home solely depends on the individual circumstances. If you are planning to own a home but are…

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Home Swimming Pool Installation Guide

Home Swimming Pool Installation Guide Having a swimming pool in home is not only a status symbol but it’s also a great leisure as you can spend your spare time there. A swimming pool also increases the resale value of…

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Benami Act implemented by Government

Benami Act implemented by Government: The government of Pakistan has implemented the Benami Act. As per the law, FBR will confiscate the immovable properties or accounts held on someone else’s name including the relatives. Benami Transactions (Prohibition) Act 2017 was…

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Top 6 Flooring Options for Homes

TOP 6 FLOORING OPTIONS FOR HOMES: Flooring is one of the top home finishes. While selecting the floor finishing, people just think about the looks. This is a wrong approach as they should also consider the quality and durability. Always…

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7 Benefits of Rooftop Gardening

Top 7 Benefits of Rooftop Gardening | Advantages of Green Roofs Modern cities have limited land due to the fast urbanization. Buying a home with a front or back garden is just a dream. But there is an alternate as you can…

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