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Pakistan Housing Guide

Homes are shrinking in Pakistan

Homes are shrinking in Pakistan World’s largest homes can be found in USA, Canada & Australia due to ample land and extremely low population density. But Pakistani average house, 3000 square feet built/covered area, is even bigger than houses in…

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Pakistan needs to build small houses

Average houses size in Pakistan is 3000 square feet, whereas average house size in the world in 1200 square feet. This clearly shows that an average Pakistani house is 2.5 times bigger than the average house in the world. Reasons…

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Pakistani houses are biggest in the world

Pakistani houses are biggest in the world Housing stock in Pakistan Pakistani housing stock consists of houses, villas, farmhouses and apartments. Most people in Pakistan buy the land and build their own houses. Flats are only popular in Karachi and…

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Pakistan housing problems

Pakistan housing problems Housing shortage in Pakistan Pakistan is facing the severe housing shortage due to the high population growth rate. Pakistan population is increasing at the annual rate of 1.57%. 60% of present housing stock in Pakistan has passed…

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Different forms of affordable housing in Pakistan

The affordable housing in Pakistan includes the housing developed by the common people, no-profit and no-loss housing schemes by the government and private housing societies. Here is the brief discussion of the different forms of affordable housing in Pakistan. Housing…

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